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How to use children's cool patches effect is the best

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The cool patches mainly evaporates the excess heat in the body through vaporization of water in the gel, so as to achieve the physical cooling effect of lowering the body temperature for children's health and safety without destroying the immune system response of the child. The antipyretic fever is rapid, the cooling effect is good, the safety is non-toxic and it is widely used in children with fever.
When parents give their children an cool patches, it is best to put it in the refrigerator and then give it to the children, so the effect will be better. In addition, when physical cooling, it is best to be attached to the site of large blood vessels, such as the neck, armpits.
The effect of cool patches is limited. Parents also need to wipe the body with warm water to cool the child. The neck, armpits, and groin can be used as warm water to rub the bath, so the effect is better.
It is generally not recommended to use alcohol to rub the bath, especially to wipe the stomach, because the end of the stomach is easy to cause diarrhea, and alcohol may also cause some other children's discomfort. If you have a child with a history of high fever convulsions, it is generally recommended that you use an ice pack or a wet towel to apply it to your temples or the top of your forehead so that you can prevent high-grade convulsions in children.
1, Cool patches can not solve the root cause of all fever, can only play a role in physical cooling, viral fever caused by fever should seek medical attention.
2. Cool patches is an auxiliary physical cooling agent that prevents fever from damaging brain cells. It cannot be used to treat all diseases that cause fever. Consumers must distinguish between the concept of assistance and treatment.
3, The physical characteristics of the cool patches determines that the cooling effect is good but the process is slow. The whole cooling process will last for 15 minutes to 4 hours. Consumers need to cool down the market for 1 minute or 15 seconds to cool down. Adhere to caution.

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