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Motion Sickness Patches

Motion Sickness Patches


Product Features:

Product description

Product Name: motion sickness patch
Product Size:Round shape with Dia 2cm
Active Ingredients:Safflower 5.5%, Tall gastrodia tuber 1.5%, Sanchi 1.5%, Pinellia 1.0%
Features of motion sickness patch:
1. 100% Natural ingredients, no side effect
2. Good adhesive& Water proof&Sweat proof
3. Start work within 10 minutes after stick
4. Effects lasts for 1-3days
5. High effects and easy to apply
6. Relive motion sickness when traveling
Function of carsickness patch:
1. Adjust the control of the vagal nerve gastrointestinal tract ,inhaibit the motility of the gastrointestinal.
Thus preventing nausea and vomiting
2. By expanding the capillaries of the skin ,to improve the microciculation of body and increase the amount of
oxygen to brain ,thus comes to the effect of refreshing your brain
3. Relieve the vomiting ,nausea ,dizziness ,anorexia,and other symptoms resulted from sickness of cars .ships ,
airplane, trains and other means of transport
4. The effect of every patch will last about 1-3days .no side effects
5. Motion sickness patch are easy to fall off
carsickness patches

Indications of motion sickness patch:
1. Tear the protective layer of the patch, adhere the adhesive layer to the navel or the back of your ears.
2. One patch per time.
3. Attach 10 minutes before the travel, the effect of every patch will last about 1-3 days.
Cautions of motion sickness patch:
Avoid use on allergic and broken skin.
Packing of motion sickness patch:
2pcs/bag,5bags/box or as you request.
Valid time of motion sickness patch:
3 years